Keep fit and mobile throughout life

Regular exercise can prevent many diseases related to the aging process.

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Physical activity also slows down the biological aging process. The soft, springy kyBounder mat brings movement into your everyday routine. The kybun mat trains your balance and mobility. Users notice a significant improvement in posture and gait. It is simple to integrate the gentle training into your everyday routine. Do it while watching TV, ironing or cooking.

Everyone loves running in kybun shoes. kybun shoes are so soft and soothing that they make you feel like you’re running in your bare feet. kybun shoes relieve the burden on your joints. Feet and back pain are a thing of the past.

Brain and muscular activity from a health perspective
Suitable physical training or exercise puts you in a position to counteract numerous cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders and many cancers. This also keeps you physically and mentally younger than your birth certificates would suggest.

Prof. mult. Dr med. Dr. h.c. Wildor Hollmann, Institute of Cardiology and Sports Medicine, German Sport University Cologne

The following retirement homes promote the health of their residents with the kybun movement concept

  • Rohrbach retirement home, Austria
  • Steinach residential care home, Switzerland
  • Mittweida nursing home, Germany
  • Emmaus centre for senior citizens in Saalburg-Ebersdorf, Germany
  • ‘Herbstsonne’ [autumn sun] centre for senior citizens in Freital, Germany
  • CURANUM retirement home in Bad Lauterberg, Germany
  • Kranken- u. Seniorenpflegeservice Steffi Stein GmbH in Chemnitz-Rottluff, Germany
  • ‘Albert Schweitzer’ (German Red Cross) nursing home in Altenburg, Germany
  • Kranken- u. Seniorenpflegeservice Steffi Stein GmbH in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Germany
  • ‘An der Mozartstraße’ nursing home in Chemnitz, Germany
  • KATHARINENHOF® Seniorenwohn- und Pflegeanlage Betriebs-GmbH retirement home, Germany
  • CURANUM Seniorenresidenz Geertz retirement home in Bad Schwartau, Germany
  • Seniorenresidenz Am Küchwald nursing home in Chemnitz, Germany
  • Curanum Pflege- und Betreuungszentrum (care and nursing centre) in Merseburg, Germany
  • Curanum care and nursing centre for senior citizens in Barth, Germany
  • German Red Cross nursing home in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany
  • German Red Cross nursing home in Hainichen, Germany
  • Olbernhau centre for senior citizens, Germany
  • Schloss Pfaffroda retirement home, Germany
  • Fazit ‘Am Schwanenteich’ retirement home in Zwickau, Germany
  • ASB ‘Willy Stabenau’ nursing home in Zwickau, Germany
  • Senioren- und Seniorenpflegeheim gGmbH in Zwickau, Germany

Effect and benefits:

  • Can relieve back pain
  • Loosens muscles
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens stabilising muscles
  • Improves well-being
  • Prevents the risk of falling among the elderly
  • Improves stability

Customer testimonials

에리히 굴드너, 연금 수령자

에리히 굴드너, 연금 수령자

걸을 때 사용하는 발의 근육이 다른 느낌이 들고 혈액순환이나 공급이 개선된 것 같아요.

마리아 마푸르트, 연금 수급자

마리아 마푸르트, 연금 수급자

편안해요. kyBoot는 정말 편안해요. 상대적으로 발이 넓어서 항상 문제였는데 이 신발을 신고 있노라면 정말 편안해요. 다른 신발은 더 이상 쳐다도 안 봐요.

게르트루드 캐스티, 은퇴, 나이  구거바흐, 다보스

게르트루드 캐스티, 은퇴, 나이 구거바흐, 다보스

이런 신발을 신고 걷는 느낌이 어떤가요? 아주 좋아요. 옆에 멋진 신사가 있어서 더 좋으네요.

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