«Bakers might make the best rolls, but Müller makes the best shoes»

For many bakers, aching feet, tension and back pain are part and parcel of their daily routine.

These ailments are primarily caused by long hours of standing, lifting, carrying heavy loads and putting too much strain on one side of the body.

kybun shoes are comfortable and healthy, making them perfect for bakers to wear at work. The kybun shoes feature a unique air cushion sole. This provides optimal shock absorption and noticeably reduces stress on the body.

«You can walk around comfortably and stay on your feet without any pain. The kybun shoes are more than just a comfy treat for your feet,» says a highly impressed Daniel Jakob, head of health and safety at the Swiss Association of Master Bakers and Confectioners.

The kybun shoe effectively meets the demands of the food sector. The soles are abrasion resistant and notably non-slip, providing a secure grip and preventing accidents in the workplace. The foot climate system ensures optimal moisture and temperature regulation.

More and more bakers are opting to wear kybun shoes. Chantal Studer is an apprentice at Igu Beck in Recherswil, Switzerland, and only has good things to say about how comfortable the shoes are to walk in. «kybun shoes are very comfortable to wear and have an excellent grip, even on smooth surfaces. I think kybun shoes make the best work shoes».

All 20 employees at the Füger bakery in Mörschwil, Switzerland, wear the feel-good shoes.

«We might make the best rolls, but Müller makes the best shoes,»jokes Beda Füger. He recommends kybun shoes for avoiding back problems and knee pain caused by long periods of standing. «When I wear kybun shoes, I don’t end up with tired legs and swollen feet at the end of the day, even after a 12-hour shift,» the master baker happily reports.

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