Float through exhibitions, museums and city tours

kybun shoes help you to truly enjoy your free time without aching foot pain after long periods of standing and walking.

Walking and standing on the elastic, springy air sole of kybun shoes isn’t just fun, it also simultaneously relaxes your back, trains your muscles and soothes your joints. Feel as though you’re walking on soft forest soil as you check out exhibitions, museums and city tours.

효과 및 이점:

• 근육 완화
• 자세교정
• 허리 통증에 효과적
• 피로감소
• 신체적, 정신적 활동의 결합으로 인한 효율성 증가
• 창의성과 학습력 증가
• 별도의 시간을 들이지 않고도 건강 증진
• 재미있는 활동

kyBoot shoes are the ultimate travel companion for your next city break.

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